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About Davison Generator, Inc

Davison Generator was founded in 2004 by Ken Beal shortly after one of the largest electrical blackouts in history. The outage has been termed the “Great Northeast blackout of 2003”. At the time it was the second most widespread electrical blackout in history (after the 1999 southern Brazil blackout). The blackout affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight U.S. states.

Don't Be Without Power!

Many counties in southeast Michigan were affected by this massive outage and some people were without power for a week or more. Along with the conveniences that were lost such as lighting and appliance power, many people were without water for the duration of the outage which meant no drinking water or ability to flush toilets.

Home offices were unusable with no connection to the outside world, and Ken recognized, along with many other Americans, that the vulnerability of our electrical power grid created a need for a way to protect ourselves from that unpredictable risk. With Ken’s extensive background in the electrical/power quality field, the generator business was an excellent fit and an opportunity that could not be passed up. The decision was made to start the business which was formed in 2003 and incorporated in 2004.

The Demand Grew.

The demand for home standby generator systems skyrocketed after the huge blackout and the first few years of business for Davison Generator were brisk. As the memory of this huge outage faded, so did the demand for new standby generator systems. Along with the drop in demand came many competitors trying to cash in on the relatively new home standby generator business.

This, unfortunately, brought many companies into the business that really had no experience or understanding of the standby generator business. Everyone from lawn and garden dealers to heating and air conditioning companies tried to get into the business, and most with no backup power or power quality experience.

Unfortunately, many customers of these inexperienced companies suffered from the incomplete and often incorrect installation of their home generator systems. We have experienced and repaired many of these mistakes firsthand. That is why we are proud to say that STANDBY GENERATORS ARE ALL WE DO!

Honesty and Integrity

Davison Generator prides itself, from day one, on conducting our business with honesty and integrity and with one goal in mind, a satisfied customer. The largest portion of our new business comes from referrals from existing customers. We make sure that every customer that we service would not hesitate to tell their friends, family, and neighbors to contact us for any standby generator needs.

From new standby systems, preventative maintenance on existing systems, to service and repairs, we are your one stop shop for home standby generator needs.

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