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Backup Generator Maintenance & Repairs

After you have invested your hard-earned money into a standby generator system, you will want to make sure that it’s in optimal running condition for the day that you really need it.

Davison Generator offers preventative maintenance programs designed to do just that. By having us perform regular preventative maintenance visits on your system you will minimize the risk of a “no start” condition when the power goes out.

Preventative maintenance visits can also ensure that you have a smooth-running system that will last the duration of your outage and give you the performance that your home will require while making sure that you are able to use the full capacity of the generator system that you paid for.

Standby Generator Preventative Maintenance

Quality products by the leading standby generator manufacturers in the industry, coupled with over 35 years of electrical and power quality experience, makes Davison Generator the only choice for your home standby generator system needs!

Davison Generator offers annual preventative maintenance programs that are geared specifically for home standby generator systems. During an annual preventative maintenance visit, the following procedures are performed:

  • Complete inspection of generator and automatic transfer switch
  • Battery is inspected, terminals are cleaned, tightened, and conditioned
  • All electrical connections are checked and tightened
  • Ignition system is tested
  • Oil, oil filter and sparkplug(s) are replaced
  • Air-cleaner is inspected and pre-filter is cleaned
  • Fuel supply is inspected and tested for proper performance and safety
  • Generator is started and output voltage and frequency are measured and adjustments are made if needed
  • A simulated power outage is initiated and the full cycle of operation is performed
  • Generator enclosure is cleaned inside and out to assure proper air flow to the engine and keep it looking new
  • Inspection report is completed and a copy is provided for your records

In addition to the above critical system checks and procedures that are performed, Davison Generator is also able to assess the condition of the battery and make a recommendation for replacement before the battery fails. We are able to identify potential component failures that may occur due to wear or component degradation before your system is needed to protect your home and family. Utilizing a preventative maintenance program is, as the name implies, taking “preventative” measures to keep your system healthy and ready for when you need it.

A generator is a mechanical piece of equipment much like your car, take care of it, perform regular manufacturer recommended maintenance, and it will take care of you for many years!

Power Generator Service and Repairs

Should you experience a failure with your generator system, Davison Generator is on call 24 x 7 to help get you back in business as quickly as possible. We are fully stocked with genuine factory replacement parts and usually make most generator repairs in one visit, thereby reducing travel costs and the amount of time that you are without power.

We have factory trained technicians that are prompt and courteous and understand your needs when it comes to your standby generator system.

Reliability & Longevity

Proper maintenance and repairs are critical for the reliability and longevity of your standby home generator system. 

Davison Generator is committed to keeping your generator system in peak operating condition because we know how important it is for the protection of your home, and more importantly, your loved ones!